Are you Eligible for the Educator Career Program?
The following questions will determine your ECP eligibility. Answer all required questions and press the “Submit” button.
Elgibility Questions
Required Field
* 1. Are you a United States citizen?

* 2. Do you have a Master's degree in Education Administration?

If your answer to question 2 is YES, skip question 2a and 2b
  2a. Do you have a Master's degree?
  2b. Select the number of semester hours of graduate credit in school administration, curriculum development, and supervision of instruction (or similar supervision related coursework).
Provide information about your work experiences in the education field.
Work Experiences
* 3. Do you have a minimum of two-years of specialized experience (elementary and/or secondary) in staff or supervisory position which clearly demonstrates your ability to administer school educational programs and to effectively supervise educators and support personnel?
* 4. Do you have a minimum of three-years of successful classroom teaching, specialist, or other professional educator experience at any level?
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